The Wall Street Journal on Joshua Beamish’s “Rouge et Noir”

“The Ashley Bouder Project, with one of New York City Ballet’s impressive principal dancers at its center, seemed bent on feeding short-attention-span audiences a mix of smoothly paced live and filmed dancing.

Most effective was the program’s capstone, “Rouge et Noir,” with choreography by Mr. Beamish to Dmitri Shostakovich’s jaunty “Trio in E minor” (played by a live ensemble), and handsome visual elements (costumes by B Michael and setting by Mark Howard). Mr. Beamish’s playful presentation of athletic and ballet moves—more lightly tweaked than usual by his signature hand, head and neck isolations—not only challenged the virtuosic Ms. Bouder but also highlighted some other NYCB dancers in the mix, notably the lithe Peter Walker and ebullient Indiana Woodward.”

– Robert Greskovic, Wall Street Journal