The Dance Current on Beamish’s first full-length solo show, LONE WOLF ..

“After a quick change to sleek grey pants and socks, Beamish then launched into one of his own pieces, a ballet with a hint of Beyoncé called “Concerto”. Set to Bach’s Concerto for Violin, Oboe and Strings in D Minor, it showed Beamish, as with “radios” (by Ame Henderson), in fabulous command of his body, this time displaying solid classical technique. It was easy to see why he has had significant worldwide success choreographing for some of the biggest names in ballet, such as New York City Ballet principal Ashley Bouder and former principal Wendy Whelan. “Concerto” was both elegant and overtly sexy, fusing classical ballet vocabulary with angular contemporary isolations, with little shivers of pop video come-ons.”

And positive notices for his improv duet with Walter Kubanek

“… a few succeeded brilliantly. Josh Beamish and Walter Kubanek, for instance, scored with Ann-Bernice Thomas’s poem I Didn’t Want to Think of You Tonight. Beat-driven, the poem also provided a narrative, about a relationship one wants more than the other, that the dancers were able to build upon. They created an intimate duet of entwining bodies that also captured the inherent melancholy of lines like “I love the night more than you ever could.”