“It is nothing short of remarkable to see how far this ambitious twenty-eight-year-old has come, especially for so many of us in the audience who have followed him since the beginnings of his career. The idiosyncratic impulses of his vocabulary that were evident in earlier works – a flexed foot that initiates a ripple through the spine, a determined glance in the opposite direction of movement, a flinch of the elbows echoed by the knees – now strung together to form full, articulate sentences. Sharpness in articulation, however, never precludes fluidity. Such contrasts coexist harmoniously in his choreography, as does complexity and stillness. Quiet pauses are given as much purpose as the most physically demanding movements. It wouldn’t be too early on my part to say that Beamish has already achieved a depth and clarity found in the most accomplished of choreographers.”
– Pia Lo, The Dance Current