Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY is excited to announce the TELUS Youth Mentor Project!

The following BC youth will be mentored through the creation of their own solo choreography by Joshua Beamish, Heather Dotto, Cristina Graziano, Elissa Hanson and Sam Piner. Additionally, Joshua Beamish will create an ensemble work for all participants culminating in a program premiering at the Evergreen Cultural Centre’s Emerging Talent Festival on January 22, 2017. All of these students are involved on full scholarship and thanks to Evergreen and TELUS, and our sponsor studios Dance Collective, Caulfield School of Dance and Ballet Bloch, the performance will be free for all audiences!

Congrats to the following dancers:

Tess Browning, Dylan Ratzlaff, Greg Jungco, Amanda Solheim, Annie Cave, Liam Mackie, Lily Maarhuis, Berkeley Ratzlaff, Sunny Sokolowski, Ella Olesen, Dakota Snow, Kaitlin Cheung, Ruth Lee, Malaena Lee, Haile Rekunyk, Danielle Long, Cameron Fraser Monroe, Hannah Bateman, Ava Partalis, Sophie Sedlacek, Meg Kinders

2014-08-29 21.01.24
2014-08-30 01.22.51