2018 Season Sponsors

The work of Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY is realized through the support and generosity of the following individuals, families and organizations.



Director’s Circle ($80,000 +)

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund


Choreographer’s Circle ($25,000 +)

The Samuel H. Scripps Foundation


Major Benefactor ($10,000 +)

Brian and Joanna Fisher


Major Patrons ($1,000 +)

Charles & Deb Adelman, Christopher Leary


Patrons ($500 +)

Roger Chabot & Michael Parisi, Hilda Kraker, Steve & Michele Pesner


Supporters ($250 +)

Jeremy Coleman, Jerry Croghan, Keith Griffin, Joe Hickey, Denise Hurlin, Roger Kluge, Edward Leung, Ifeoma Okoronkwo, Eric Politzer, Meryl Rosofsky


Associates ($100 +)

Jennifer Danner, Thomas von Foerster, Judith Hoffman, Sandra Olgard, Emily Reifel, Pamela Salvatore, Patrick Schwarz, Karl Yeh




Director’s Circle ($60,000 +)

Canada Council for the Arts


Major Benefactor ($10,000 +)

BC Arts Council


Benefactor ($5,000 +)

City of Vancouver/Office of Cultural Affairs, Dance Collective, TELUS


Minor Benefactor ($2,000 +)

The Hamber Foundation, Lorne and Judy Blackman


Major Patrons ($1,000 +)

Margot Diehl, Peter Eastwood & Philip Seth, Loretta Lachner, Judith Pasqualotto, Zhiqiang Zhu


Patrons ($500 +)

Stephani & Myles Bruckal, Lisa Ho, Ron Kinders, Alison Lam, Dale Mehra, Cynthia Robinson and Stuart Young


Supporters ($250 +)

Dentons Canada, Beverly Chalk, Yvette Cormier/Sytek Enterprises, IDL Projects, Robin Fairfield, Yuhong Du, Anndraya Luui, Christine Piner, Jan & Sandy Solheim, Shani Wendell/Lake Country School of Dance


Associates ($100 +)

Ru Christogeorge, Elemental Gardens, Caren Hall, Denise Jefferys, Sheliagh Simes


Friends (up to $100)

Debbie Langtry, Noriko Tidball


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