Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY’s Saudade recently received the honour of a two page feature review in the December issue of Dance Europe, the largest running dance magazine in Europe.

The thoughtful article discusses how Joshua is helping pave the way for same-sex themes to become a permanent fixture in the modern world of ballet.

While exhibiting arduous choreography, Beamish’s Saudade chases the intangible with a self-inflicted sense of foreboding.”

“An urgent energy beckons you to drink in the bodies on stage. Dancers’ arms curve like drooping tree branches to then ensnare their partners’ heads and torsos. If you’re slow to take in an entire scene, you risk the chance of missing the impact of Beamish’s morphing choreography.”

Saudade deserves recognition and praise for its fearless investigation of its subject matter.”

“In Saudade, however, Beamish and his cast of contemporary performers bust convention apart, pushing boundaries with overt sexuality….But it’s never at the expense of precision, artistry, or superb technique. Beamish’s unabashed exploration, along with his ballet contemporaries, is hopefully an indicator that displaying same-sex romance is more than a passing trend, and that it will continue to be more commonplace and celebrated in the world of ballet.”