Surface Properties
MOVETHECOMPANY with artists from American Ballet Theatre

Mid-Length Work – 35min/10 dancers

Choreography by Joshua Beamish

Performance: Sterling Baca, Gray Davis, Zhong-Jing Fang, Isadora Loyola, Luciana Paris, Lauren Post, Jose Sebastian, Cassandra Trenary, Stephanie Williams and Roman Zhurbin of American Ballet Theatre

Music: AC/DC by Michael Gordon, L’uomo Armato by Filippo Del Corno and Tight Sweater by Mark Mellits

Costume Design by Janie Taylor

Lighting Design by Mike Inwood

Visual Design by Matt Keegan

Produced by Jeremy E. Steinke

World Premiere: August 4th, 2015 at The Joyce Theater, New York, NY

Created with the support of Diana and Joe DiMenna, Brian and Joanna Fisher, Steve and Michele Pesner, David Hughes, Jr., Hilda Kraker, Christopher Leary, Edward Leung, Christopher & Cindy Lew, Sayaka and Nicholas Vermeer, Daniel Wismer

Photos by Daniel Robinson