Joshua Beamish is in creation with Coastal City Ballet

Joshua Beamish with the ensemble of his new work "Standing At The Gates" commissioned by Coastal City

Periapsis Music & Dance commissions Joshua Beamish

Joshua in creation with Periapsis Music & Dance artists Hannah and Adrian. Catch the premiere Feb 18-19, 2016 in

Wall Street Journal raves Beamish’s ballet for NYCB dancers

The Wall Street Journal on Joshua Beamish's "Rouge et Noir" "The Ashley Bouder Project, with one of New York City Ballet’s impressive principal dancers at its center, seemed bent on feeding short-attention-span

Beamish to create first new work for Ballet Kelowna in 8 years!

Joshua Beamish will create his first new work for Ballet Kelowna in 8 years! Don't miss the premiere in Feb 2016. The program also features work by Matjash Mrozewski, who collaborated with MOVE: the company for "Luft"

Bach Track on Beamish collaboration with NYCB’s Ashley Bouder

"The strongest work of the night was Joshua Beamish’s "Rouge et Noir". Against a backdrop reminiscent of Matisse, there were attitudes and suggestions of emotion from the dancers but it was never so much that you

The Ephermeralist on Beamish’s works for ABT & NYCB dancers

The Ephermeralist on Joshua Beamish's works for MOVE: the company and The Ashley Bouder Project at The Joyce. "Of the women, Stephanie Williams, an Aussie who distinguished herself in ABT's recent Met season, was