Bach Track on Beamish collaboration with NYCB’s Ashley Bouder

"The strongest work of the night was Joshua Beamish’s "Rouge et Noir". Against a backdrop reminiscent of Matisse, there were attitudes and suggestions of emotion from the dancers but it was never so much that you

The Ephermeralist on Beamish’s works for ABT & NYCB dancers

The Ephermeralist on Joshua Beamish's works for MOVE: the company and The Ashley Bouder Project at The Joyce. "Of the women, Stephanie Williams, an Aussie who distinguished herself in ABT's recent Met season, was

Dance Tabs on Beamish at The Joyce

"Beamish has an eye for promising corps de ballet dancers: in "Stay", Stephanie Williams has a soft but specific musicality and articulate legs that hesitate to reach their full length until the last moment.

Critical Dance on Beamish’s debut season at The Joyce

"Beamish is one of ballet’s choreographers du jour – a post-up-and-coming but not quite household name who is virtually ubiquitous, having presented "Conditional Sentences" in Wendy Whelan’s "Restless Creature"

“Allemande” is a hit at the Vail Festival!

"Allemande" is a hit at Vail! "Sunday's program was titled "Ballet Blast," but, even within that single-genre limitation, it managed to find great variety. The choreographers stretched back to Marius Petipa, the

Beamish’s “Rouge et Noir” featured in the NY Times

Joshua Beamish's "Rouge et Noir", featuring artists from New York City Ballet, in the New York