Joshua Beamish in creation with Sarah Brinson

Joshua is creating a new solo for Sarah Brinson which will premiere in August 2016 at the Vancouver Playhouse for the Cultural Architect

The Dance Current on LONE WOLF and Beamish’s improv with Walter Kubanek

The Dance Current on Beamish's first full-length solo show, LONE WOLF .. "After a quick change to sleek grey pants and socks, Beamish then launched into one of his own pieces, a ballet with a hint of Beyoncé

The Georgia Straight rave for Beamish/Henderson collaboration “radios”

"Beamish folds himself into a endless series of contorted postures, many of which seem to defy the laws of gravity. MOVE: the company’s founder has long been one of Vancouver’s most watchable performers, and nothing

Beamish’s first evening of solos LONE WOLF to premiere July 2016!

We're exiited to announce the world premiere of LONE WOLF, Joshua's first ever full-length evening of solo works. He will dance new solos by Noam Gagnon of Company Vision Impure/The Holy Body Tattoo and Ame Henderson

Beamish’s choreography in TV profile of Royal Ballet soloist Nicol Edmonds

Check out Royal Ballet Soloist Nicol Edmonds dancing Joshua Beamish's choreography in this Crane TV

Great reviews for “SALT” and “Concerto” in Santa Barbara

The reviews are in for "Salt" and "Concerto". "Against a barebones stage and dressed in nothing more than a pair of snug-fitting chinos, a scruffy-faced Beamish peacocked and vogued before the audience in his