Beamish’s Rouge et Noir in Pointe Magazine

Pointe Magazine profiles The Ashley Bouder Project and Joshua Beamish's work "Rouge et

The Dance Current on Beamish’s 10th Anniversary

"It is nothing short of remarkable to see how far this ambitious twenty-eight-year-old has come, especially for so many of us in the audience who have followed him since the beginnings of his career. The idiosyncratic

10th Anniversary Celebration

We're just a few weeks away from MOVE: the company's 10th Anniversary Celebration featuring Heather Dotto, Cai John Davies Gloverr, Jedidiah Duifhuis, Cristina Graziano, Jo-Ann Sundermeier & Josh Reynolds of

First ever season at The Joyce Theatre in New York, August 4-5

Joshua Beamish and MOVE: the company will have their first ever season at The Joyce Theatre in New York onAug 4-5, as the opening event of their 2015 Ballet Festival. The program will feature a series of Beamish's works

A great Chicago Tribune review of Beamish’s work “Conditional Sentences” from Wendy Whelan’s Restless Creature.

".. it has a clipped courtliness, even a slightly humorous clockwork quality, leavened by Beamish's intense gaze at Whelan, later mutual, and by pianist Glenn Gould's tender playing. Beamish reveals a lovely

Heather Desaulniers’ Dance Commentary Review of “Conditional Sentences” from Yerba Buena SF

"Joshua Beamish’s “Conditional Sentences” was a technically involved and inventive court dance for two. His choreography oozed elegance, exactness, sophistication and specificity with every turn of the head,