“Beamish has an eye for promising corps de ballet dancers: in “Stay”, Stephanie Williams has a soft but specific musicality and articulate legs that hesitate to reach their full length until the last moment. Choreographed discomfort and fragility add depth to Williams’s performance: Dimitri Kleioris holds her over his head in an anguished lift, and she slowly, laboriously slides down, her limbs getting stuck in the angles of his body. Her standing knee breaks after a turn sequence and she crumples, and over and over again they rest and rub their heads on one another’s shoulders.

Beamish’s duets build to his most ambitious work: “Surface Properties” sports a strong cast of ten ABT dancers and it’s a quirky divergence from the rest of the program, featuring shoulder shrugs, booty rolls, and pointe shoe stomps. The women strut around en pointe, swiveling their hips and making incomprehensible gestures as if they are a cool clique; a girl gang that speaks a language of their own. Cassandra Trenary reigns queen bee over this clique: only she and Roman Zhurbin
can keep up with Beamish’s musicality, and she struts and stomps with the most sass of them all.

Beamish negotiates silence and shifts in tone with ease and clarity. He builds tension skillfully, too – the entrance of each new dancer feels important, and often is. The piece grows chaotic or too serious at times, and certain movements (the body rolls, the turtle-like head initiations) aren’t subtle enough to appear so frequently in his works. A highlight of the piece is the visual design by Matt Keegan: black patterns on a white background simply and succinctly complement Beamish’s playful, scientific exploration of shape. Lauren Post shape shifts in the air, climbing over the men of the piece and rarely allowing her feet to touch the ground. Meanwhile, an image of stairs forming is projected behind them. Trenary pirouettes frantically, her constant motion unhampered by her partner’s hands or any notion of front or back. A small black circle is her only accompaniment.”
– Lauren Wingenroth, Dance Tabs