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Wall Street Journal raves Beamish’s ballet for NYCB dancers

The Wall Street Journal on Joshua Beamish's "Rouge et Noir" "The Ashley Bouder Project, with one of New York City Ballet’s impressive principal dancers at its center, seemed bent on feeding short-attention-span audiences a mix of smoothly paced live and filmed dancing. Most effective was the program’s capstone, “Rouge et Noir,” with choreography by Mr. Beamish to Dmitri Shostakovich’s jaunty “Trio in E minor” (played by a live ensemble), and handsome visual elements (costumes by B Michael and setting by Mark Howard). Mr. Beamish’s playful presentation of athletic and ballet moves—more lightly tweaked than usual by his signature hand, head and neck isolations—not only challenged the virtuosic Ms. Bouder but also highlighted some other NYCB dancers in the mix, notably the lithe Peter Walker and ebullient Indiana Woodward." - Robert Greskovic, Wall Street

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Beamish to create first new work for Ballet Kelowna in 8 years!

Joshua Beamish will create his first new work for Ballet Kelowna in 8 years! Don't miss the premiere in Feb 2016. The program also features work by Matjash Mrozewski, who collaborated with MOVE: the company for "Luft" and "Secret Self" and Simone Orlando's "Studies of Cash", a piece that MOVE: the company performed in Toronto and NYC in

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Bach Track on Beamish collaboration with NYCB’s Ashley Bouder

"The strongest work of the night was Joshua Beamish’s "Rouge et Noir". Against a backdrop reminiscent of Matisse, there were attitudes and suggestions of emotion from the dancers but it was never so much that you wished for some restraint. Bouder and Ramasar really shone here with a physicality that highlighted how far Ramasar has come as a performer. With each passing year he becomes deeper and more magnetic to the point where he balances dancers like Bouder with ease. She, of course, was her usual self - fiery, fast and fun. She remains an artist at the peak of her ability and could sell tickets just to watch her in ballet class. Indiana Woodward and Alexa Maxwell had fun supporting roles of no great depth. Woodward especially radiated a mischievous level of flirting that kept it all from getting too serious. She was kind of like the girl everyone wants to sit next to at a party." - Bach




The Ephermeralist on Beamish’s works for ABT & NYCB dancers

The Ephermeralist on Joshua Beamish's works for MOVE: the company and The Ashley Bouder Project at The Joyce. "Of the women, Stephanie Williams, an Aussie who distinguished herself in ABT's recent Met season, was especially luminous; she danced "Stay" with Dimitri Kleioris (a magnetic fellow Australian who will appear in Flesh and Bone). Williams is the kind of dancer who may not knock you out at first, but eventually you notice her ability to adapt to any style, as well as herremarkable strength as seen in a devilish backbend with the front leg extended, steadied by him. The program served as a kind of primer of Beamish's movement, beginning with a solo packed with contained energy, building through a duet in which a dialogue seemed to be taking place along with an urgency and strong directional pulls, followed by the more romantic "Stay". It culminated in the premiere of "Surface Properties", an ambitious dance for 10 with busy, witty video by Matt Keegan, and Janie




Dance Tabs on Beamish at The Joyce

"Beamish has an eye for promising corps de ballet dancers: in "Stay", Stephanie Williams has a soft but specific musicality and articulate legs that hesitate to reach their full length until the last moment. Choreographed discomfort and fragility add depth to Williams’s performance: Dimitri Kleioris holds her over his head in an anguished lift, and she slowly, laboriously slides down, her limbs getting stuck in the angles of his body. Her standing knee breaks after a turn sequence and she crumples, and over and over again they rest and rub their heads on one another’s shoulders. Beamish’s duets build to his most ambitious work: "Surface Properties" sports a strong cast of ten ABT dancers and it’s a quirky divergence from the rest of the program, featuring shoulder shrugs, booty rolls, and pointe shoe stomps. The women strut around en pointe, swiveling their hips and making incomprehensible gestures as if they are a cool clique; a girl gang that speaks a language of their




Critical Dance on Beamish’s debut season at The Joyce

"Beamish is one of ballet’s choreographers du jour – a post-up-and-coming but not quite household name who is virtually ubiquitous, having presented "Conditional Sentences" in Wendy Whelan’s "Restless Creature" program in May (also at the Joyce), his company’s tenth anniversary performance in Vancouver, a world premiere at the Fire Island Dance Festival last month, and "Rouge et Noir" (reportedly an homage to the Ballet Russes) for the Ashley Bouder Project at this same Joyce Festival; and he gets to work with some of the finest dancers in the world. Of the pieces danced here, "Stay" and "Surface Properties" have more interest than the others, but each was skillfully crafted and superbly executed." - Jerry Hochman, Critical




“Allemande” is a hit at the Vail Festival!

"Allemande" is a hit at Vail! "Sunday's program was titled "Ballet Blast," but, even within that single-genre limitation, it managed to find great variety. The choreographers stretched back to Marius Petipa, the father of Russian ballet, all the way up to current, and very hot, dance makers Matthew Neenan and Joshua Beamish .... But the surprise of the night came from the National Dance Company of Mexico, also making its debut at Vail this summer. The company demonstrated its old-school talents with an excerpt from "Giselle" in the first half, and then delivered a cutting-edge, new work from Beamish later in the night. Their talents are deep and top-level." - Denver Post Way to go Compania Nacional de




Beamish’s “Rouge et Noir” featured in the NY Times

Joshua Beamish's "Rouge et Noir", featuring artists from New York City Ballet, in the New York




Beamish’s Rouge et Noir in Pointe Magazine

Pointe Magazine profiles The Ashley Bouder Project and Joshua Beamish's work "Rouge et




The Dance Current on Beamish’s 10th Anniversary

"It is nothing short of remarkable to see how far this ambitious twenty-eight-year-old has come, especially for so many of us in the audience who have followed him since the beginnings of his career. The idiosyncratic impulses of his vocabulary that were evident in earlier works – a flexed foot that initiates a ripple through the spine, a determined glance in the opposite direction of movement, a flinch of the elbows echoed by the knees – now strung together to form full, articulate sentences. Sharpness in articulation, however, never precludes fluidity. Such contrasts coexist harmoniously in his choreography, as does complexity and stillness. Quiet pauses are given as much purpose as the most physically demanding movements. It wouldn’t be too early on my part to say that Beamish has already achieved a depth and clarity found in the most accomplished of choreographers." - Pia Lo, The Dance